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Where FOOD INC stops, Planet RE:think continues! “Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung (FBW) vergibt die Auszeichnung: Dokumentarfilm, Prädikat wertvoll” “The German Film and Media Review Board (FBW) awards Planet RE:think the recognition: “Documentary, Predicate Worthy”! “In beeindruckenden Bildern und untersetzt mit seriösen Informationen zeigt der Film Planet RE:think, wie dicht unsere […]

Planet RE:think is now available to buy or rent on iTunes. Now you can enjoy the film on you iPad, iPhone or Apple TV. It’s with great excitement that we share this news with you. Planet RE:think is available in HD and SD both for purchase and to rent in […]

On Saturday May 18th our feature documentary Planet RE:think was awarded the Jury Award at the St. Tropez International Film Festival in Southern France! The “Jury Award” is considered a prestigous award, as it is specially chosen by the jury as a film that deserves extra recognition. Planet RE:think was […]

What great news to receive on a Friday with the weekend lurking just around the corner! Along with 5 other films, Planet RE:think has been nominated for Best Foreign Documentary at the International Film Festival in St. Tropez in southern France. The screening and awards ceremony will take place the […]

So, you might ask, who is ESRI and why is planet RE:think on board? ESRI stands for Environmental Systems Research Institute and they develop geographic information systems (GIS). GIS is a system for management, analysis and display of geographic knowledge, and is represented using a series of information sets such […]

Planet RE:think has just sealed a licensing deal with the German speaking market through TIBERIUS FILM, which is a distribution company based in Germany. TIBERIUS FILM is active in all areas of film distribution and is also one of the leading independent home entertainment distributors in Germany. To quote TIBERIUS FILM […]

On November 29th, planet RE:think was screened at the 7th Lens Politica film festival in Dubrovnik in Finland. It is a film and art festival dealing with political and social content, where the films are strictly invitation selected only by the film festival committee. The goal of the festival is to create […]

Facebook is going to launch “planet RE:think” via their VOD platform Cinecliq, which is the world’s only global VOD platform fully integrated with Facebook. We are proud to announce, that our film is the first Danish feature film to be presented on this platform, where over 900.000.000 Facebook users across the globe […]

The 17th of June 2012, “planet RE:think” had its world premiere in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at the United Nations Conference, Rio + 20 on Sustainable Development. The film brought out a mix of emotions in the high profiled audience, both shocking and inspiring the red carpet delegates. However, most […]