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So, you might ask, who is ESRI and why is planet RE:think on board?

ESRI stands for Environmental Systems Research Institute and they develop geographic
information systems (GIS). GIS is a system for management, analysis and display of geographic knowledge,
and is represented using a series of information sets such as maps and globes, geographic data sets,
processing and work flow models, data models and metadata.

ESRI technology helps federal agencies meet their missions, from providing health care and emergency services
to managing facilities and natural resources. As the largest known geospatial technology event for federal
agencies, the Federal GIS Conference in Washington D.C. will bring together over 2,700 attendees for three
days of intensive learning and networking.

Among todays keynote speakers is Executive Director of the European Environment Agency, Jacqueline
McGlade. At 3pm Washington time, she will present Planet RE:think to the attendees.

Ace & Ace hopes that Planet RE:think can function as an inspiration to the attendees at todays plenary.
We need to continue RE:thinking in order to prepare for the future and leverage the best ideas and
approaches to tackling many of the hard problems facing our world. Planet RE:think will be in good
hands today, and hopefully it will spread awareness and inspiration to federal governments across the
world on RE:thinking much needed solutions.

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