Safer battery could spark investment in renewables

Researchers from Harvard University report that they have tested a “flow battery” that uses cheap and abundant chemical elements, can be operated with plastic components, will not catch fire, and can operate at 99% efficiency.

The storage problem has consistently been held against investment in solar and wind energy, but a safe, cheap and capacious technology could change the economics of renewable power generation.

Delhi makes installation of solar panels on rooftops of new buildings mandatory

The draft Delhi Solar Policy mandates solar rooftop installations for government buildings and for commercial and residential buildings that are constructed after September 1 this year.

“The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy should endorse a similar solar rooftop policy and make it mandatory for the central government buildings to encourage installation,” said Bhushan.

Limiting climate change could have huge economic benefits, study finds

A commitment by China to limit a rise to 2C would create 2m jobs, the analysis says.

Major economies would boost their prosperity, employment levels and health prospects if they took actions that limited global warming to 2c, according to the first analysis of emissions pledges made before the UN climate summit in Paris later this year.