Earth’s resources consumed in ever greater destructive volumes

Humanity is devouring our planet’s resources in increasingly destructive volumes, according to a new study that reveals we have consumed a year’s worth of carbon, food, water, fibre, land and timber in a record 212 days. As a result, the Earth Overshoot Day – which marks the point at [...]

Limiting climate change could have huge economic benefits, study finds

A commitment by China to limit a rise to 2C would create 2m jobs, the analysis says.

Major economies would boost their prosperity, employment levels and health prospects if they took actions that limited global warming to 2c, according to the first analysis of emissions pledges made before the UN climate summit in Paris later this year.

How it took just one generation to stuff the planet

The damage done by economic growth unchecked by environmental considerations over the past six and seven decades could potentially force a complete change in the state of the planet, which may render it a whole lot less hospitable for future generations.

International scientists released two papers, published in the magazine Scientist, that suggests that the planet has already been disrupted.

Earth lost 50% of its wildlife in the past 40 years, says WWF

“If half the animals died in London zoo next week it would be front page news,” said Professor Ken Norris, ZSL’s director of science. “But that is happening in the great outdoors. This damage is not inevitable but a consequence of the way we choose to live.” He said nature, which provides food and clean water and air, was essential for human wellbeing. Photograph: Global Warming Images/WWF[...]